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    High quality makes customers loyal. Innovation wins new customers. With cyclodextrins from our company, you can do both. Improve products that are already good or develop new products that are even better.

    The New Face of Nature
    Our company is the world's leading producer of cyclodextrin products. Cyclodextrins are a group of naturally occurring oligosaccharides, consisting of 6 or more1,4 linked α-D-glucopyranosyl units that are produced from starch. The parent or natural cyclodextrins from starch. The parent or natural cyclodextrins from WACKER are marketed under the CAVAMAX? brand name. Chemically modified cyclodextrins or cyclodextrin derivatives are produced from the parent cyclodextrins and marketed under the CAVASOL? brand name and our brand name DRAMAX? for the natural cyclodextrin and TIMAX? for   Click for details>>

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